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Thank you for your interest in and Custom Battery Cables LLC.

Before you email us a question, please read the FAQs and check links to the left. If the answer is there it will save us both time and energy.

Custom orders can take several days depending on quantity and complexity.  Please don’t start calling after 2 days.

If you know what you need, please place your order using our custom order form. That will be faster than sending me an e-mail and waiting for a reply. See custom online order form

Some folks call me to ask if they can ship their old cables to me so I can use the existing cables as a pattern. Sure. Send them to the address below.  A  USPS “Regional rate” box will probably be the cheapest way to go but a flat rate isn’t too bad either.  Include detailed instructions (“duplicate as close as possible” or “build one size larger”, etc). Include contact info so I can call or email you with a price.  Don’t send a greasy mess.  If they are so dirty we have to spend time cleaning up after we measure your cables, there is an additional $10 charge.

Since it seems most of us have a smartphone with a pretty good camera, a great option is to take some photos, I don’t need too many, just ones that show the connectors or other parts you feel are important to see.  That works great, and they aren’t covered in grease!

Credit Cards and PayPal:

When you make a purchase, the credit card processing company or PayPal, they will charge your account at the time of purchase. I have NO control over that. Please do NOT file a dispute because your card was charged but you didn’t get cables in a couple of days. Once a dispute is filed it becomes more difficult and expensive to ship your item. PLEASE CALL ME FIRST.


We get a lot of e-mail. Please put a meaningful subject on the subject line with the type of vehicle! We get a large amount of SPAM and meaningful subject lines help keep your e-mail out of the spam filter and also helps me find your e-mail if I have to go back to look something up.

Technical questions:
For sales:

Shop line for general questions:
480-983-5925 (call) is our local number in the Phoenix area.
785-4CABLES (785-422-2537) is out “Vanity number”.
Both these lines go directly to our workshop.  If the techs are in the middle of assembling cables they might let it ring through to voicemail. Please leave a message.

For commercial sales or problems with a retail order, call or text me (Vince) on my cell phone at 602-329-8363 (call).

In person or by mail:
If you want to ship a package to us or visit the shop, our address is:

Custom Battery Cables, LLC
2288 S Idaho Rd
Suite #2
Apache Junction, AZ

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you will be visiting our shop in person, we do NOT have a sign on the street.  The old sign says we’re a church.  We’re in between the dentist and the day-labor center.

Billing Address (USPS Mail):

Custom Battery Cables, LLC
PO Box 6716
Apache Junction, AZ

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Don’t see the cable you wanted here?  Custom Battery Cables be happy to build a custom cable to your specifications.  Go to the Custom Orders page for more information.

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