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Booster (Jumper) Cables

Heavy Duty Professional Grade Booster Cables:

 Basic booster cable sets are 100% copper, premium 2 gauge sets made in the USA by a major battery manufacturer. 

Beware of the cheap foreign jumper cables.

We have found the cheap 2 gauge sets are really 4 gauge or “copper clad” aluminum instead of 100% copper. Aluminum has 1.5 times the resistance of copper.  Don’t be fooled. Buy a quality copper set.

For our disconnect sets, we start with the premium 2 gauge set above. Then we add 175 Amp quick disconnects in your choice of color.

I often get asked, “What is the difference between universal and parrot clamps?”  The picture directly below shows universal clamps.  (“booster set with disconnects”)   

Parrot clamps are probably better if you are only connecting to top post terminals. Personally, I own a set of the boosters with parrot clamps but I don’t own any cars with side post terminals. 

Booster set with disconnects

5-foot long Battery to Disconnect


Booster Cables

20 Foot Premium booster cable set w/disconnects & vehicle mount kit

Kit includes a 20 foot premium booster cable with either parrot or universal clamps and quick disconnects (quick disconnect info) of the color of your choice. Disconnects are placed 2 feet from one end. The result is 2 ft./18 ft.

This kit also includes the battery to disconnect (5 feet of 2 gauge red and black cable with heavy duty lug on one end for connecting to a battery and quick disconnect with the cover on other).  $10 off ordering kits separately.



20 foot Premium #2 Gauge booster cable

Clamp choice:




20 foot Premium Booster Cables with 175A quick disconnect

Quick disconnect of the color of your choice is placed 2 feet from one end. The result is 2 foot/18 foot.

Quick disconnects of the same color are compatible.

Example: the red connector is designed to only mate with another red connector.

You can get different color connectors to mate with minor modification.

Colors not listed are available by special order.  This DOES NOT include the battery to disconnect kit.


Booster Cable Accessories

175A Anderson Style Power Connector with silver contacts

Use anywhere you need a high power quick disconnect.

Different colored shells are only compatible with the same color.  Example: the red connector is designed to only mate with another red connector.   Compatible with common winch makers quick disconnects when you buy the same color.

Great for electric vehicle battery chargers, power converter disconnects or tow truck jumper cables.

Note: price is for 1 connector only, not a pair.  Order 2 if you need both sides.

Price listed is for one (1) housing and two (2) pins

Add Covers and Handle as additional items (see below) 

Note: May be made by a different manufacturer than Anderson.


175A Power Connector Covers for quick disconnects

Add to 175A Anderson Style Power Connector


175A Power Connector Handles for quick disconnects

Add handles for 175A Anderson Style Power Connector


Don’t see the cable you wanted here?  Custom Battery Cables be happy to build a custom cable to your specifications.  Go to the Custom Orders page for more information.

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