Battery Cables

Battery Cable Kit for Ford E350 VAN Powerstroke – Gen 4 1991–2014 models – 2/0


This kit was designed using a 2003 E350 as an example.  Later 6.0L engines could be different.


  • Positive 2/0 battery-to-battery cable.
  • Positive 2/0 battery-to-starter cable.
  • Right and Left Negative Cables (2/0).
  • 2 Positive, 2 Negative military-style battery terminals with lock nuts and covers.
  • Loom on all large wires.
  • 10 gauge Relay to start solenoid wire.

Stock starters require a 90-degree bend on the starter lug.  Denso style “high-torque” aftermarket starters use a straight lug