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Jeep Liberty and Patriot

Photo credit:  Jeep Liberty (KJ) from Wikipedia.

How we build them:

 Our cables are built from cast copper terminals using 2 gauge SAE SGT battery cable for the starter and engine block ground.  The chassis (body) ground is #6 ga wire.  The fuse block is a #4 gauge.  These are larger than the stock wire to lower resistance and improve cranking.   We seal the connection with heavy wall adhesive lined heat shrink.  In the picture at left, compare the thickness of the wires.  Note the stock cable doesn’t have any heat shrink sealing the connection.  Anti-corrosion bolts and battery washers are also included.
 Fuse block cables are a larger wire with heavy duty ends for lower resistance (#4 wire shown).


Alternator wires come with a fuse link. The fuse link is a protection device like a circuit breaker.  Beware of cheap kits that do not include fuse link.

 The stock 2-hole fuse block connector (Jeep 2002 TJ shown) has the battery cable and the alternator wire ganged together.
  We replace that by separating the wires and putting a heavy duty 90-degree end on each one.   Together, the 2 cables work to replace the goofy Jeep 2 hole connector.



Here’s the result -A perfect fit!

Cable kits for Jeep Liberty:

battery cables for Jeep Liberty

Jeep Liberty KJ - 2002-2007 3.7L PowerTech V6 Standard Cable Set #17548

Jeep Liberty (KJ) "Big 3" (positive, negative and alternator) kit intended for use on 3.7 L PowerTechV6  engines. (CBC part # 17548).


  • 2 gauge positive battery cable with 4 ga fuse block lead (standard automotive top post).
  • 2 gauge negative battery cable with 6 gauge chassis ground (standard automotive top post terminal)
  • 6 gauge alternator cable with fuse link (for stock alternator - contact us for aftermarket high output alternators). The fuse link is a protection device like a circuit breaker.  Beware of cheap kits that do not include a fuse link.
  • anti-corrosion battery washers. Batteries leak acidic fumes around the post.  Use these washers to help prevent corrosion.
  • anti-corrosion bolts.
  • Options:
    • Battery terminal covers optional.  See the bottom of this page.
    • Alternator cover optional. See the bottom of this page.
    • Loom optional. See the bottom of this page.

Jeep Liberty KK - 2008-2013 3.7L PowerTech V6 Mil Cable Set #24472

Jeep Liberty (KK) "Big 3" (positive, negative, and alternator) kit intended for use on 3.7 L PowerTechV6  engines

This kit is sold with military terminals only


  • 1 gauge positive battery cable with 4 ga fuse block lead
  • 1 gauge negative battery cable with 6 ga chassis ground
  • 6 gauge alternator cable with fuse link
  • Anti-corrosion battery washers

Cable kits Jeep Patriot:

Coming soon.  Email if you’d like to be a beta tester.

Options and Extras:

Military Style Terminals

Build cables set using Military Style Terminals

  • Using the military (or "universal adapter") style terminals allows you to add electrical accessories with ease.  Great for adding a winch.
  • Large cross bolt is 3/8".
  • They also have the advantage of being able to replace just the terminals and not the entire cable.
  • It must be purchased with a cable set.  


  • If you purchase this optional upgrade, the cable set will come with tin-plated heavy-duty 3/8" lugs and military-style terminals instead of standard battery terminals.  3/8" Nylock nut included.
various Battery Terminal Covers in black, red

Add Battery Terminal Covers

If you purchased a standard set, covers will be for standard terminals (shown in picture).  If you purchasing the military terminal option, covers will be for the military terminals (not shown).

Each set contains:

  • One (1) Black Terminal Cover
  • One (1) Red Terminal Cover


Battery Cable Stud Cover

Add Alternator Terminal Cover

If your purchase includes an alternator cable, we will include a cover for an additional $5.  


  • One (1) Red Terminal Cover (size varies based on which alternator wire you are getting).
convoluted split loom black polymer 1.00 inch

Add Loom - Per cable

Wavy plastic cover that protects the wire from physical abrasion

Price is "per cable" 



 O3dJeeps did a review of our cables on their YouTube channel.  For the review of our cables click o3djeeps CBC Cable Reviews To check out their YouTube channel go to o3djeeps [ OVERCLOCK3D Jeeps ]

Travis sent us this unsolicited email regarding our YJ kit.

Don’t see the cable you wanted here?  Custom Battery Cables be happy to build a custom cable to your specifications.  Go to the Custom Orders page for more information.

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