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Ford – F150 & Bronco Battery Cable Replacement


About Our Replacement Ford F150 Battery Cables:

Our cables are made from cast copper battery terminals, 2 gauge SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) approved battery cable and copper lugs (or tin plated heavy duty copper where shown).  They should work great for just about any small block.

Generation 9 F150 (1992-1997) with V8 Kit

Ford 1992-1997 Gen 9 F150/Bronco V8 #39241

  • Positive top post style cable
  • Negative top post style cable
  • 63 inch start relay to starter wire
  • Anti-corrosion bolts
  • 1 set of terminal protectors
  ** Note: Original starters have female spade and replacement starters have 1/4 lug**


Generation 9 F150 (1992-1997) with V8 individual cables

Ford F150/Bronco 1992-1997 1/0 Positive Battery Cable

Ford - 1992-1997 - Gen 9 F150 or Bronco with V8 - 2 ga Positive Battery Cable #41

47", 2 ga, SGX (high temp) with 4 ga body starter relay lead.

Ford F150/Bronco 1992-1997 1/0 Negative Battery Cable

Ford - 1992-1997 - Gen 9 F150 or Bronco with V8 - 2 ga Negative Battery Cable #66

42", 2 ga, black with 6 ga body and frame ground leads.

red starter wire for Fords

Ford - 1992-1997 - Gen 9 F150 or Bronco - 63 inch, 10 ga Start Relay to Starter wire

63" 10 gauge Premium wire w/ends & heat shrink.

Stock starters needed a female disconnect.  Many replacement starters have a stud that requires a ring terminal.  Select the correct option for your truck.  Since these trucks are over 20 years old, most have probably been switched to the ring terminal.


Please choose an option.

Generation 9 F150 (1992-1997) with V8 Alternator

Red 48 inch 4 gauge custom alternator cable

40 inch 6 ga alternator wire with fuse link #15634

6 ga alternator wire with fuse link (stock alternator to start relay). AMPS: 60-99

Generation 9 F150 (1992-1997) w/I-6

Product in development. Subject to change without notice.

Ford Gen 9 F-Series I6 4.9L 1992-1997 #14129

  Replacement battery cables for Ford F-150 models with 4.9L I-6 engines, from 1992 to 1997. Includes:
  • 1 gauge battery to starter
  • 4 gauge battery to start relay
  • 10 ga relay to starter solenoid
  • 1 gauge battery to frame to the engine block
  • 6 gauge battery to fender
  • 2 gauge frame to engine block
  • Loom on larger cables
  • 1 positive and 1 negative military style terminal
  • 1 red and 1 black military term covers
  • 2 lock nuts
  • 5 mountable and 5 normal zipties

Generation 7/8 F150 (1980-86/1987-91) and Generation 3/4 (1979-86/1987-91) Bronco:

Ford - Bronco and F-150 small/big block, 3 cable, 1 ga MILITARY cable set #18872

Suitable for big block or very high compression V8


  • 1 ga RED with Positive Top Post and 5/16 (battery to the solenoid).
  • 1 ga RED with 5/16 and 5/16 (solenoid to starter).
  • 1 ga BLACK with Negative Top Post and 3/8 (engine ground).
  • 6 ga lead (body ground).



Ford - Bronco and F-150 small block, 3 cable, 2 ga cable set #18871

For vintage Ford Trucks and Broncos with start solenoid mounted near the battery.

Suitable for most small block trucks


  • 2 ga Positive Top Post with battery to the solenoid
  • 2 ga Solenoid to starter
  • 2 ga with Negative Top Post with 6 ga lead



Options and Extras:

Add Battery Terminal Covers

If you purchased a standard set, covers will be for standard terminals (shown in picture).  If you purchasing the military terminal option, covers will be for the military terminals (not shown).

Each set contains:

  • One (1) Black Terminal Cover
  • One (1) Red Terminal Cover


Please choose an option.

Add Loom - Per cable #889


  • Wavy plastic cover that protects the wire from physical abrasion
  • Price is "per cable" 



Don’t see the cable you wanted here?  Custom Battery Cables be happy to build a custom cable to your specifications.  Go to the Custom Orders page for more information.

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