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Ford – F150 & Bronco Battery Cable Replacement

Photo Credit: Many thanks to Rob with the AZ Bronco Club for this picture on the trail in Bulldog Canyon. Bulldog is part of the Tonto National Forest just west the Superstition Wilderness Area home of the legendary Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine.

You’ve found this page because you are looking for battery cables for a Ford Bronco, F150 or other Ford small block V8 applications. We can help you with Ford F150 battery cable replacement!

If you don’t see what you need here please contact us and we’ll custom build the perfect battery cable for you.

About Our Replacement Ford F150 Battery Cables:

Our cables are made from cast copper battery terminals, 1/0 SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) approved battery cable and copper lugs (or tin plated heavy duty copper where shown).  They should work great for just about any small block.  Please note the 1/0 is larger than stock battery cables and may require that they are routed differently than the stock wires.

If you have a big block, very high compression or diesel engine you might want to consider 2/0 cables with heavy duty ends.

They are also available as Generation 9 F150 (1992-1997) w/V8

Generation 9 F150 (1992-1997) w/V8

I received the dimensions from a customer who needed a set of replacement battery cables for his 1996 Ford F150 with a V8.  This battery cable should work for any Generation 9 F150 with V8.

We’ve sold several of these kits and gotten good feedback.  Note we use 90 degree ends instead of straight ends.  The original customer thought that would work better for his application.

Ford - 1992-1997 - Gen 9 F150 or Bronco - 1/0 Positive Battery Cable

47" 1/0 SGX (high temp) with 4ga body starter relay lead.


Ford - 1992-1997 - Gen 9 F150 or Bronco - 1/0 Negative Battery Cable

42" 1/0 with 6ga body and frame ground leads.


Ford - 1992-1997 - Gen 9 F150 or Bronco - 63 inch, 10 ga Start Relay to Starter wire

63" 10 gauge Premium wire w/ends & heat shrink.

Stock starters needed a female disconnect.  Many replacement starters have a stud that requires a ring terminal.  Select the correct option for your truck.  Since these trucks are over 20 years old, most have probably been switched to the ring terminal.



Here is what Andy in Austin had to say about this cable set: 
” These cables are solid! Just holding them in your hand you notice how much better they are than the OEM cables. I have no doubt that these cables will pass the test of time. They are much stiffer than the OEM cables so installation in the tight spaces is a little tricky. Otherwise, these cables are the perfect length and all the terminals fit snugly. Additionally, there is definitely a noticeable difference in the crank time after installation of these cables.  On a related note, the staff is friendly, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable and made the whole process smooth and enjoyable. Not to mention these cables cost me less than half of what the dealership wanted to charge me for a set of OEM cables.”

More info about the Gen 9 F150 here.

Generation 7/8 F150 (1980-86/1987-91) and Generation 3/4 (1979-86/1987-91) Bronco:

We originally built this kit for a 1986 Ford Bronco.  The customer said the set worked great for that application.  I added the chassis ground because I think all good battery cables sets should have a good chassis ground.  I’m guessing this will fit all 3rd generation Broncos (1979-1986) and 7th Gen F150s (1980-1986).  Another customer used them on later model (the Gen 4 Bronco) with good results.  They might fit other years or models. 

More info about Gen 7 F Series here.  More info about Gen 3 Bronco here.

Ford - Bronco, F-150 & other small blocks, 3 cable 1/0 battery cable set

For vintage Ford Trucks and Broncos with start solenoid mounted near battery. Kit includes:
  • 10" 1/0 RED with Positive Top Post and 5/16 (battery to solenoid).
  • 52" 1/0 RED with 5/16 and 5/16 (solenoid to starter).
  • 42" 1/0 BLACK with Negative Top Post and 3/8 (engine ground) and 18" lead (body ground).

Options and Extras:

Build cables set using Military Style Terminals

  • Using the military (or "universal adapter") style terminals allows you to add as many electrical accessories with ease.  Great for adding a winch.
  • Large cross bolt is 3/8".
  • They also have the advantage of being able to replace just the terminals and not the entire cable.
  • Must be purchased with a cable set.  


  • If you purchase this optional upgrade, the cable set will come with tin-plated heavy duty 3/8" lugs and military-style terminals instead of standard battery terminals.  3/8" Nylock nut included.

Add Battery Terminal Covers

If you purchased a standard set, covers will be for standard terminals (shown in picture).  If you purchasing the military terminal option, covers will be for the military terminals (not shown).

Each set contains:

  • One (1) Black Terminal Cover
  • One (1) Red Terminal Cover



Multiple Vehicles - Add Lug covers (3)

Add three (3) covers for positive cable and both ends of starter cable


Don’t see the cable you wanted here?  Custom Battery Cables be happy to build a custom cable to your specifications.  Go to the Custom Orders page for more information.

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