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Ford Gen 9 F-Series I6 4.9L 1992-1997 #14129

Ford Gen 9 F-Series I6 4.9L 1992-1997 #14129



  • starter termination: Female spade (original starter)
  • starter termination: 1/4 inch ring (most replacement starters)

Product description

Replacement battery cables for Ford F-150 models with 4.9L I-6 engines, from 1992 to 1997.


  • 1 gauge battery to starter
  • 4 gauge battery to start relay
  • 10 ga relay to starter solenoid
  • 1 gauge battery to frame to the engine block
  • 6 gauge battery to fender
  • 2 gauge frame to engine block
  • Loom on larger cables
  • 1 positive and 1 negative military style terminal
  • 1 red and 1 black military term covers
  • 2 lock nuts
  • 5 mountable and 5 normal zipties

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