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Are you looking for a hard-to-find cable? Don't want to pay a couple hundred bucks for a flimsy cable from the dealer?  Tired of poor quality auto store cables?  Wouldn't it be nice if that big block V8 or diesel in your favorite car, truck, boat or RV cranked over a little easier?  Do you want the best?  Well, you've come to the right place!  

Welcome to!  I think we build the best aftermarket cables available.  I started building battery cables for heavy equipment and my own trucks over 20 years ago.  During that time I can't recall ever having to replace a cable due to corrosion or over heating.  Why?  I build 'em better.  I use better components and construction. See how I build them and how they compare to the store bought cables.

Please take a few minutes to check out my customer's cars (I have not had time to add to this lately, but keep sending me pictures), what they have to say and, of course, order cables for your own car or truck.  

Thank you for considering CustomBatteryCables.  

  What's New:

      Visit us on Facebook to see what's new. See Custom-Battery-Cables on facebook.

5/30/2015 update:
     Time-to-ship and backlog continues to improve.
This week all parts and rush orders shipped the same day or next day.
Half of all standard product cables shipped in 3 business days or less.
Half of all custom orders shipped in 3 business days or less.
If you need them shipped ASAP please use our "rush" service.

     We've been taking a little longer than usual to build and ship orders, however, the situation is improving.
This week more than half of all parts and rush orders shipped the same day.
Half of all standard product cables shipped in 7 business days or less.
Half of all custom orders shipped in 9 business days or less.
We apologize for not shipping your orders faster and are taking steps to improve.  If you are in a huge hurry please use our "rush" service.

     Our lead assembly tech, John, is recovering from an emergency surgery last night. We are falling a bit behind in building and shipping orders since we are down 1 person in our 2-1/2 man crew. Parts orders still go out in just a day or 2. If you are in a huge hurry please use our "rush" service.

    We added a page for Jeep cable installation instructions (but basics are the same for any cable set). 

    We can now accept credit cards by phone or in person.      

     We continue making web site changes.  If you experience strange web site behavior please try again in an hour o two.  If problem continues, contact us at

     We are shipping product faster than ever.  Parts only orders are often shipped same day with a 2 day maximum (except special orders). Leadtime on our "standard" products is 2-5 business days. We often have those on the shelf ready to go; if we don't, we want five days to build. Custom orders can take up to seven business days. 2 day "Rush" service is available for an extra $25.

     We added Quick Connect(tm) battery harness repair kits to the web site. These kits allow the user to replace just the damaged or corroded end without having to replace the entire cable. These kits are mass produced by a major battery manufacturer.  See Battery Cable Repair Kits.

     Due to changes in the host server, the online order form throws a bunch of warnings.  I am working on the problem.  In the mean time, the page still works, you just have to scroll down past all the warning messages.  UPDATE: This should be fixed.  If you have a problem please email or call us.

     I challenged the employees of Custom Battery Cables to ship all "standard product" orders in less than 7 days, all custom orders in less than 14 days and all "rush" orders in 3 days or less. They are meeting that challenge. At this time, we do not have any orders older than 7 days.  We are changing our "rush" service to 3 days or less. See the rush orders page for more info.

     Now that the United States Postal Service has an express flat rate box, we will be offering that as a shipping option. Additional cost is $32; that just covers the extra postage.  See the rush orders page to purchase this option.

     At the request of an Australian customer, we added an option to use SGX wire in our Jeep Cherokee and grand Cherokee sets.

      Finally got the web page up for Willys jeep cables up and running.  It's been a work in progress for 5 months.  Added cable sets for Yamaha golf carts to the
golf cart cables page.

      A customer told me that our golf cart page was down.  Apparently it has been down for quite some time.  It's back up but prices are left over from 2009.  Order now and get a deal before I get around to updating the prices.

    We are pleased to announce that with the additions  to our staff, that time to complete and ship custom assembled cables has improved.  We can now typically ship assembled cables in a week or less.  Rush orders are 1-3 days. 

 There has been some confusion about how long it takes to ship parts orders.  When I say we are shipping most orders within 2 weeks of payment, that is for custom assembled cables.  We ship most parts orders within a few days.  Sometimes it takes a little longer if we out of stock on something but we do our best to knock those out quickly.

Like us on facebook for a chance to win a set of very heavy duty 2 gauge booster cables and to get weekly product updates.  See Custom-Battery-Cables on facebook

9/28/2011 Update:  We're in the process of adding several new items to the web site. 
   1) A cable set for 1996 F150 (will fit other years).
   2) Battery Cables for Willy's jeeps and trucks.
   3) Braided ground straps. 
   4) Wicked Smart (tm) battery chargers.



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