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Welcome to customer ride and feedback page.

Some of the pictures are clickable.  Click on the picture to open a page with more pictures, information about the vehicle and see what the owner had to say about the cables I made for them.  Some pictures are large and may load slowly over 56K modems.


97 Dodge ramMark G wanted a set of cables that were better than what the local parts store had to offer. 
power inverterStu wanted some 1/0 cables with booster clamps for a portable power inverter.  Click the picture for more views of this set up.
dual battery set upTerry ordered a bunch of 2/0 cables for a dual battery setup.
53 PontiacJim ordered a 24" 3/0 positive cable for a '53 Pontiac:
"Hey Vince....the cable arrived it is AWESOME !!!  Never knew there was beauty in battery cables...but this has got it! ...  If this Pontiac makes it another 50 years I'm sure the cables will be right with it.  Many Thanks."
Matt with a Jeep wrote:
"All I can say is "WOW"!  These battery cables are awesome!  I just finished installing them on my Jeep and they fit perfect!... You definitely know your stuff and these cables are super heavy duty!!!" 
Skip with a 1950 Ford F-1 wrote:
"They look super ! Now if I can get this 50 F-1 started and finish putting it back together, it will really be nice. Thanks again for the cables, they look like they were made by someone who cares about doing it right."
Jon with a 1993 Full Size Chevy Blazer wrote: 
"Got the cables in today, Very Impressive!! I will recommend you to others and keep you in mind if I ever need anything else.  The new cables have greatly improved starting on my truck."
pickle fork style race boat
Jet Boat

"I got [the cables] today.  They look great!"
1995 Dodge diesel pickup

1995 Dodge Diesel Pick Up.
"The quality of your product is outstanding, nothing compares."

solar charged battery bank for power inverter

Residential Solar Power Battery Pack and Power Converter.
"The cables are performing excellent. Very little heat at maximum amperages. I couldn't be more pleased..."

1989 YJ Jeep with engine swap
1989 YJ Jeep with engine swap.
"I knew they were going to be heavy duty but damn, these things are way more tough than I imagined. You rock dude!"
1968 Kaiser M54A2
1968 Kaiser M54A2 602 CID Turbocharged Multi-fuel (Diesel) engine with 24V electrical system.
"The cable works great. Very heavy duty. Thanks!"
1969 Cadillac Sedan Deville art car
1969 Cadillac Sedan Deville "Art Car".
"You made those cables for me 8 years ago and I haven't had to F#@% with them since."


Send me a picture of your car or truck!

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