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Jon needed some cables for his 1993 full sized Chevy Blazer.

Here's the email he sent me after receiving the cables.

"Got the cables in today, Very Impressive!! I will recommend you to others and keep you in mind if I ever need anything else. I almost shorted myself on the aux lead off the positive but it worked out.  The new cables have greatly improved starting on my truck. My old stock ones were shot!!

If you want heavy duty battery cables for your blazer here's what worked for Jon: 

Positive cable:
42 inches of 2/0 cable for the starter (5/16) with a 36 inch lead (#4 wire) with 5/16 ring terminal for the.

33 inches 2/0 for the engine block (3/8) and a 9 inch lead (#4 wire) with 5/16" ring terminal for the chassis ground.

Note: If you are running a large oversized battery (like the 1000 CCA Optima) you might need cables that are a couple of inches longer.  Please double check that these measurements will work for your truck.


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