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custom made battery cables

Thank you for using our online ordering page. By using online ordering, I spend less time bogged down doing emails so we can build your cables faster. It's a perfect win-win. You get cables faster and cheaper and I don't have to spend time typing...

How to use this page:

Imagine a cable on a table in front of you stretched out from left to right. 

The left terminal is what you want us to install on the left end of the cable. The right terminal is what you want on the right end. 

Using form below, select what gauge and color wire you want, the length, the terminal or lug you want on the "left" end, if you want a cover on that end, which terminal or lug you want on the "right" end and if you want a cover on that end.
Then if you want an aux lead on the cable select the aux cable gauge, enter the length and which terminal you want. We assume the aux wire is on the "left" end.

When you are sure you have the cable is defined correctly, click the "Calculate Price" button. The description, price, a text box for special instructions, "Add-to-cart" and the "View-Cart" buttons should appear. Please review the cable description. That is the description we will be building your cable from so make sure it is correct.

If you want to add and special instruction type them into the text box.

If it looks good, click the "Add-To-Cart" button. A PayPal Shopping Cart windoe should open.

If the "Add-To-Cart" button does not appear to work, turn off pop-up blocker and try again.(in IE do Tools -> Internet options -> Privacy then uncheck "Turn on Pop-up Blocker" or click settings and add to the list of allowed sites.)

To check out click the "View-Cart" button.  You can change the quantity in the PayPal cart if you want to.

If you want additional cables, just fill the form out again with new measurements and repeat the process...


Terminal and lug prices include labor and heavy wall heat shrink. Prices shown on the drop down menus are for 2/0 cables. Prices for 4 gauge and 2 gauge terminals, heat shrink and labor are less than shown in the menu; 3/0 and 4/0 are more. The price is adjusted for this when the cable price is calculated. The prices for the auxiliary wire ends are based on 4 gauge; 6 and 8 are less expensive. There is an extra $2 for aux cable labor that is not shown in the menus.


Shipping is based on the order total and added on at the last step by PayPal. Small orders (under a pound) are about 5 bucks for USPS priority mail, larger orders are $12 to $14.


A few folks have ordered custom made cables then realized the cables were too short.  Sorry, no one makes a cable stretcher.  Because these are custom made-to-order cables we can not give full credit for returns.  Please be sure of what you want before you order it.  It will save us both time, money, energy and headache.

Wire Types:

SGT is standard battery cables rated at 80 degrees C.
SGX is high temp battery cable, rated at 125C.  The insulation will be stiffer,
Marine (or M) obviously is marine grade (SGT-M) meeting specs J1127 and J378.
SO means Special Order.  This selection will take longer. 


Please note that not all ends are available for all wire sizes. For example 5/16 inch 90 degree ends are not available in 1/0 gauge and larger. If you define a cable that we can not build I will refund your money and suggest an alternative. 

We normally spec our cable length tolerances as -0 to +2 inches from center of hole to center of hole (or end of wire). In other words, the cable won't be short but it might be up to 2 inches longer than ordered. Generally, we make them a little long. (Better to be a little long that too short, right?)  Making them a little long makes it easier on us since we don't have to work as hard to get the cable perfect.  However, sometimes, in special circumstances, (usually on short cables), this makes the cables longer than desirable. For example, if you only have room for an 6 inch cable, an 8 inch cable might not fit. If you need the cable to have a tighter tolerance ( ie +/- 1/2 inch) please make a note of it in the "Special Instructions" box that will appear after you calculate the price.  Say something like "Build as close to requested length as possible." or "use short cable tolerances".  Please don't ask for this on long cables.  (Hey, I just don't think an extra inch is really going to mess up an 8 foot long cable.) 

Enter Battery Cable Below:
Wire Type Wire Color Length IN INCHES Left Terminal or Lug L Cover Right Terminal or Lug R Cover
Enter Aux Lead Info Below:
Aux Wire Type Aux Length (in) Aux Terminal or Lug

Thank you for online ordering.
ERROR: Problem with price adjust calculation. Please email webmaster this message or try different wire size.
ERROR: You must select a Wire Type to continue.
ERROR: You must select Wire Color to continue.
ERROR: Enter a valid length to continue.
ERROR: We can't make a cable that short. Enter a valid length to continue.
ERROR: You must select a left terminal to continue even if your selection is "None".
ERROR: You must select a right terminal to continue even if your selection is "None".
Errors exist. Description below will be wrong and add-to-cart button will not be available until errors are corrected.