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custom made battery cables

custom made battery cables

custom made battery cables

I don't sell anything on that I wouldn't use on my own truck or on my wife's car. I was happy with the old basic 10 amp charger that I bought back when Jimmy Carter was still president. It's old, it's ugly, some of the wires are frayed but it still works... sort of.

old and newWhen the guys in the shop started complaining because they were afraid of getting shocked. I knew it was time for better battery charger.

I looked at the NOCO Genius� Wicked Smart Chargers� because to my knowledge it is the most technologically advanced charger at a very reasonable price.

I bought the G3500 model and love it.  It handles deep cycles that are very discharged without any problems, something "Ol' Sparky" failed at. I also like that it correctly charges AGM batteries (Optimas) correctly.  AGM requires a slightly higher voltage, something lesser chargers can't do. 


The Noco has two lines of their Wicked Smart Chargers�; one for general purpose automotive line and marine line that is waterproof line and intended to be mounted in a boat.  Below the automotive line is shown.  If you are interested in a marine battery charger, please email me at

NOCO genius� wicked smart charger� features.

Part Number Description Click for a Detailed Picture Add to cart

Portable lithium-ion jump starter for 12-volt lead-acid batteries.
manufacturer website

GB30 GB30 box $129.95

0.75A (750mA) Wicked Smart Battery Charger
6V & 12V
5 Step

750mA battery charger $32

1.1A (1100mA) Wicked Smart Battery Charger
6V & 12V
7 Step

1.1A battery charger $47.14 

3.5A (3500mA) Wicked Smart Battery Charger
6V & 12V
8 Step
User interface & features.

3.5A battery charger $59.95

7.2A (7200mA) Wicked Smart Battery Charger
12V & 24V
12 Step

7.2A battery charger $100

26A (26000mA) Wicked Smart Battery Charger
12V & 24V
15 Step

26A battery charger $285

Independently charge 4 batteries at a time.

4.4A (1.1A/bank) Wicked Smart Battery Charger
6V & 12V
7 Step

4.4A (1.1A x 4 batteries) battery charger Special order.

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Standard lead times:

Our goal is to ship half of all orders in 3 business days and all orders shipped in 1 week.
If you need them shipped ASAP please use our "rush" service.

Standard lead time on parts only orders is 0-2 days (except special orders).
Lead time on our "standard" products is 3-5 business days. We often have those on the shelf ready to go; if we don't, we want five days to build them.
Custom orders can take up to seven business days.

Rush Orders:
For more info see: Rush Orders

Rush Order Service - $25. Cables will be assembled and shipped in 2 business days or less (conditions apply) by USPS Priority Mail (usually 2-3 days delivery time) or we refund the expedite fee. $25 per order, limit 8 cables per order. Conditions: orders placed after 10AM AZ time count as next day, Weekends and USPS Holidays do not count toward time limit.
Rush plus Express Mail. $60(includes $25 for Rush Service and $35 for Express mail) Cables will be assembled and shipped in 2 business days or less (conditions apply) by USPS EXPRESS Mail (usually 1-2 days delivery time). This optional fee is in addition to the shipping added by the shipping calculator to cover the additional cost of postage. For especially large orders which will not fit in a express mail flat rate box, we reserve the right to refund a portion of the cost of this option and ship cables via USPS priority mail. 

Don't see the cable you wanted here?  I'd be happy to build a custom cable to your specifications.  Go to the Custom Orders page for more information.   

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