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battery cables for Ford trucks

battery cables for Ford trucks

Hopefully you�ve found this page because you are looking for battery cables for a Willy�s, Kaiser Jeep or military MB or M38 Jeeps.

I own a 1948 Willy�s CJ-2A.  The need for good cables for my CJ is what prompted me to start this business.   So it seemed appropriate to offer cables for Willy�s vehicles even if I don't sell many.

The stock cables were all 1 gauge black only.  We offer cables in 1 gauge black for the purist wanting to closely match the stock cables for restoration.  We still use the cast copper ends and heat shrink the ends so our cables are still better than the cast lead �stock replacement� cables sold at some Jeep specialty sites. 

For the owner more concerned with performance that stock looks, we offer cables one size larger in 1/0 gauge, either red or black.  Since the only difference is a little copper (labor to build them is the same) the cost for the larger cables is very minimal � only about $2 per cable. 

Please double check measurements before ordering.

These cables should fit the following: 41-45 MB, 41-45 GPW, 46-49 CJ-2A, 49-53 CJ-3A, 53-64 CJ-3B, 55-66 CJ-5, 50-52 M38, 52-66 M38A1, 46-64 Truck, 46-64 Station Wagon and 48-51 Jeepster.

Description OEM style Improved performance with OEM  look Improved performance, modern look and other options
16 inch battery negative to engine ground.
1 gauge black
1/0 ga black
2 gauge braided
(for 41-45 MB & GPW)
27 inch battery positive to solenoid (or start switch on 41-49)
1 ga black
1/0 ga black
1/0 ga red
8 inch engine ground to chassis ground (originally braided tinned copper)
4 ga braided
2 ga black
1/0 ga black
18 inch solenoid to starter
1 ga black
1/0 ga black
1/0 ga red
hood to body not available at this time not available at this time not available at this time

2/0 interconnect cable10 inch black interconnect cables - These cables have a positive terminal on one end (with red heat shrink) and negative terminal on the other (with black heat shrink).  Use to connect two 12V batteries in series for 24V Military vehicles
2/0 cable shown with optional covers. Click for larger picture.
1 gauge for jeep applications    $22.55   
2/0 for large diesel applications    $27.50   

Prices do not include shipping and sales tax (AZ sales only). 
  Add ONE battery terminal cover (cover will match cable color). Buy 2 if buying both positive and negative cables. $4.00

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Don't see the cable you wanted here?  I'd be happy to build a custom cable to your specifications.  Go to the Custom Orders page for more information.   

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